• Strategic

    Since 1997, AsTech Consulting
    has been protecting our clients'
    most valuable information assets.

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  • Discovery

    Find the source code and infrastructure
    vulnerabilities that put your
    critical applications at risk.

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  • Remediation

    Prioritize, mitigate, and repair
    application vulnerabilities to secure
    your vital information assets.

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  • Training

    Mitigate the risks of insecure code by
    teaching your team secure development
    best practices.

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  • SDLC Consulting

    Create a strategy for continuous improvement
    to your organization's Secure Development Lifecycle.

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Founded in 1997, AsTech empowers client organizations to optimize application security throughout the SDLC. We share our knowledge and expertise to measurably enhance our clients' capability maturity, using a risk-based approach focused on delivering business value. By understanding our clients' unique risk appetites and business objectives, our security engineers bring strategic focus to application security initiatives. AsTech provides source code security assessment, penetration testing, continuous monitoring, vulnerability remediation, secure development training, security architecture, and Secure Development Lifecycle consulting services. We offer solutions appropriate for any size organization, from small companies to multinational corporations.
  • "AsTech has highly qualified application developers with a security mindset that bridges the IT-InfoSec gap for effective source code security assessments. They provide highly detailed resolution steps as part of their assessment. AsTech's knowledge of the financial services sector and associated vendors is invaluable."

    Chris Shenefelt
    Former EVP, Global Operations
    Intersections Inc.

  • "The work that AsTech Consulting does allows ITAC member companies to have confidence that sensitive personal information is secure."

    Anne Wallace
    Identity Theft Assistance Center

  • "AsTech has always provided outstanding focused security services, from project management to software review. The company began with a deep commitment to integrity and effectiveness and that continues today."

    Dr. Martin Carmichael
    Former Chief Security Officer
    TD Ameritrade

  • "The work that AsTech Consulting does allows ITAC member companies to have confidence that sensitive personal information is secure."

    Anne Wallace
    Identity Theft Assistance Center

  • "AsTech has people with a deep understanding of information security. They are committed to solving problems and are always flexible in how that gets done. I have worked with them since their beginning in 1997 and would not hesitate to call them."

    David Hahn
    Director of Information Security

  • "AsTech's team are some of the most experienced and dedicated software security professionals I've ever come across. They are adept at quickly understanding the needs of the enterprise and producing results."

    Jeremiah Grossman
    WhiteHat Security

  • "AsTech knows application security. They bring a deep knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry."

    John Jack
    Former Chief Executive Officer
    Fortify Software

  • "AsTech provides us with peace of mind to sleep at night, knowing that our network is protected to the fullest extent of our resources."

    Jennifer L. Bleess
    Former Technical and Operations Manager
    Smith and Hawken Ltd.

  • "We feel Eubel Brady and Suttman Asset Management got more than we expected, not only in in the penetration testing we contracted for but also in AsTech's open sharing of their expertise."

    Kirby C. Leeper
    Former Chief Information Officer
    EBS Asset Management

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