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Stay ahead of threats to your business.

“AsTech has highly qualified application developers with a security mindset that bridges the IT-InfoSec gap for effective source code security assessments. They provide highly detailed resolution steps as part of their assessment. AsTech’s knowledge of the financial services sector and associated vendors is invaluable.”

Chris Shenefelt

Former EVP, Global Operations

Intersections Inc.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is the process of comparing external and internal threats with the Attack Surface of your Internet infrastructure. Beginning with understanding and quantifying your critical assets and how they can be accessed, you can design effective countermeasures. Implementing threat modeling techniques into requirements definition phases results in strong, foundational network and application security.

Why is AsTech’s Threat Modeling Different?

AsTech brings its penetration testing and application security experience to the forefront in threat modeling. Using proven techniques to develop your threat modeling capability, AsTech can help you define the Attack Surface of your network or application, and to determine what threats actually present a risk to your infrastructure. We understand that knowing the criticality and sensitivity of web applications is a crucial step to understanding what must be done to properly secure it. 


Threat Modeling

Each Threat Modeling engagement is unique to your business. We will work with you to deliver results that meet your business needs, budget and timeframe requirements.