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We'll teach your developers how to fix what you've found.

“AsTech has people with a deep understanding of information security. They are committed to solving problems and are always flexible in how that gets done. I have worked with them since their beginning in 1997 and would not hesitate to call them.”

David Hahn


Hearst Corporation

Source Code Remediation Training

All of the security assessment in the world won't make a difference if your application flaws aren't being fixed. To close the loop and realize the value of your investment in security, enable your developers to resolve vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.

What is Source Code Remediation Training?

Exposing developers to remediation techniques in the proper context is crucial for inciting the ability to fix software security flaws on their own. AsTech's course demonstrates common and obscure vulnerability types with context-specific code examples illustrating flawed approaches, safe techniques, and multiple remediation strategies in each case. Developers will learn what it takes to detect a vulnerability, demonstrate that it is exploitable, and correct it before it works its way through the SDLC. 

Why is AsTech’s Source Code Remediation Training Different?

AsTech's trainers will prepare customized training content using cautionary as well as commendable examples from application code with which the students are familiar. This improves receptivity and retention over abstract, generic examples. Our expert trainers have spent years as developers themselves and will help students internalize multiple approaches to every problem. Even if assessment results are not available, AsTech will tailor the training content to your developers' programming languages and frameworks for maximum applicability. 


Source Code Remediation Training

Source Code Remediation classes are available onsite at client locations. We are dedicated to providing outstanding value. That’s why AsTech’s trainers are always available for additional follow up with our students. We’ll answer your questions and continue discussions even after the classes are completed. We are committed to making sure your team walks away with the knowledge they need to secure your software. Contact us to find out how we can help.