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Providing your business with the resources you need to secure your code base.

“AsTech has highly qualified application developers with a security mindset that bridges the IT-InfoSec gap for effective source code security assessments. They provide highly detailed resolution steps as part of their assessment. AsTech’s knowledge of the financial services sector and associated vendors is invaluable.”

Chris Shenefelt

Former EVP, Global Operations

Intersections Inc.

Source Code Correction

Organizations have been getting better and better at discovering and understanding source code security flaws and vulnerabilities over the past few years. But our experience shows that many of them stop there - they do not or cannot plan for actually fixing the issues. AsTech can provide the necessary resources to correct these flaws and, along with our business partners, integrate them into the code base.

What is Source Code Correction?

Customers with short-term needs can engage AsTech to simply attack and reduce the number of security vulnerabilities. These application security engineers can be integrated into existing software processes—reducing risk without shifting internal resources, easing the impact on existing project delivery schedules.

With AsTech's assistance, customers achieve remediation of specific vulnerabilities, receive training for developers in methods to efficiently remediate vulnerabilities and avoid introducing new issues, and build a strategy for addressing security issues early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). AsTech security remediation experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with client personnel, maximizing knowledge transfer and Return On Security Investment (ROSI).

Why is AsTech’s Source Code Correction Different?

After discovering security flaws in your application, what should be done with that set of vulnerabilities? Most assessment tools and processes rank security issues in terms of risk, usually based on a relative scale. AsTech helps clients understand the real-world risk of the vulnerabilities found in applications, and develop a plan of attack to remediate them prioritized on that risk. AsTech will help move from triage to strategy. And we’ll tailor that strategy to correspond with unique business objectives, Risk Appetite, and resource constraints.


Source Code Correction

AsTech’s Source Code Correction service is a fully customizable engagement model which include correcting the source code vulnerabilities, integrating changes into the code base and assisting in knowledge transfer so that the corrections made become part of the continuum of current and ongoing development. This solution can be combined with any of the risk identification services and developer training.