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Instructor-led training for developers, by developers.

“AsTech provides us with peace of mind to sleep at night, knowing that our network is protected to the fullest extent of our resources.”

Jennifer L. Cohen

Director of Operations


Secure Coding Techniques Training

Secure Coding Techniques training is an investment that can provide immediate security impact to your application development initiatives. When your team has the know-how to write secure code, you'll see significantly reduced downstream vulnerability remediation costs. The need for application rework will decrease and production release deadlines will be met less painfully. This is foundational to building security into software.

What are Secure Coding Techniques?

Secure Coding Techniques Training provides your development staff with the ability to create and maintain secure code in Java, VB.Net, C#, .Net, and numerous other commonly used languages and frameworks. In this instructor-led class, our application security experts will teach your application development team how to develop applications without introducing Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and many other specific vulnerabilities into their source code, and also provide in-depth, platform-specific insights.

Why is AsTech’s Secure Coding Techniques Training Different?

All of our application security trainers had at least 10 years of development experience before they joined AsTech and became security experts.  We communicate at the developer level, ensuring a rewarding experience for all students.  AsTech has developed an approach to secure design and development training that our clients have found to be quite effective.

We have a tier of classroom training that integrates vulnerabilities discovered in your company's software–however they were found–in the course material.  This allows us to focus on issues that are prevalent in your application and relevant to the students. We go a step further by demonstrating exploitation of similar flaws by using real attack tools against our sample vulnerable web applications. This approach results in a meaningful experience for the developer students, as they see how vulnerabilities in code they know well can be exploited and prevented.


Secure Coding Techniques

Secure Coding Technique classes are available via the internet or onsite at client locations. AsTech’s trainers are always available for additional follow up with students. We’ll answer questions and continue discussions after the classes are completed. We are committed to making sure your team has the knowledge necessary to develop secure applications.