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Keep your network safe – understand and prevent the SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities.

“AsTech has always provided outstanding focused security services, from project management to software review. The company began with a deep commitment to integrity and effectiveness and that continues today.”

Dr. Martin Carmichael

Former Chief Security Officer

TD Ameritrade

SANS Top 20 Training

Periodically, the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) Institute produces a list of the top 20 Network Security Vulnerabilities. These are vulnerabilities that have been exploited and are prevalent in network security architecture. This specialized training will give your team the ability to recognize and remediate these commonly found vulnerabilities.

What is SANS Top 20 Training?

SANS Top 20 training provides your SysAdmin, network, and security staff with the ability to maintain systems, servers, and other network or security devices with full knowledge of known security vulnerabilities. Our security engineers will work directly with your team to provide insights on the most up-to-date techniques, not only teaching high-level best practices, but also in-depth, platform-specific information designed to avoid these specific pitfalls.

Why is AsTech’s SANS Top 20 Training Different?

AsTech has developed an approach to SANS Top 20 training that many of our clients have found to be quite effective. We tailor every aspect of the training to apply directly to your SDLC and systems maintenance processes. We go a step further by demonstrating exploitation of similar flaws by using real attack tools against our sample vulnerable network. This approach results in a much more meaningful experience for the team in the classroom, as they see how vulnerabilities in networks they maintain themselves can be exploited.


SANS Top 20 Training

SANS Top 20 classes are available via the internet or in-person, onsite at client locations. We are dedicated to providing outstanding value. That’s why AsTech’s trainers are always available for additional follow up with our students. We’ll answer your questions and continue discussions even after the classes are completed. We are committed to making sure your team walks away with the knowledge they need to secure your network. Contact us to find out how we can help.