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Effective vulnerability management is a necessity.

“AsTech has always provided outstanding focused security services, from project management to software review. The company began with a deep commitment to integrity and effectiveness and that continues today.”

Dr. Martin Carmichael

Former Chief Security Officer

TD Ameritrade

Security Program Enhancement

In some cases, vulnerabilities or security flaws that are identified as a part of testing often go unaddressed. Effective vulnerability remediation plans that can be implemented and measured on a consistent basis are all too rare. In today's litigious environment, your company is at risk if, after a breach, it becomes obvious that vulnerabilities existed without a plan to remediate them. AsTech can help take your program to the next level off effectiveness and efficiency.

What is Security Program Enhancement?

AsTech will evaluate your business's handling of security issues identified through internal or external assessments. We will review timelines, testing, the effectiveness of remedies, and associated reporting metrics to ensure that all stakeholders, regardless of position, understand precisely where the issues stand.

Why is AsTech’s Remediation Program Enhancement Different?

AsTech’s staff includes not only adept and talented security analysts, but security program managers and consultants who have hands-on experience with vulnerability management programs. These experts understand not only the underlying security issues, but the processes and metrics necessary to manage their remediation. They are adept in both worlds: working with the technical staff and addressing the business requirements.


Security Program Enhancement

Program Enhancement is a wholly customized service, tailored to the needs and budget of your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.