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Discover how well is a critical asset – your data – is protected. 

AsTech provides us with peace of mind to sleep at night, knowing that our network is protected to the fullest extent of our resources.”

Jennifer L. Cohen

Director of Operations


Network Assessment

You need to know if your network’s security architecture protects your most vital assets. Many organizations grow their IT architectures organically to meet evolving business needs. Often, networks may not have been designed with today's threats in mind. A security assessment of your infrastructure will shed light on where security gaps may put you at risk.

What is a Network Assessment?

During a network assessment, AsTech security consultants work with client network and security teams to review the current architecture. This includes network perimeter devices, appropriate network segmentation, use of encryption, and other elements. We evaluate the technology in place, review patch levels and ensure that assets are adequately secured from threats. The goal is to ascertain that the architecture in place meets or exceeds security best practices and any guiding regulatory requirements for your industry.

Why is AsTech’s Network Assessment Different?

Business requirements are key to understanding a company's Risk Appetite.  AsTech focuses on understanding these requirements in conjunction with future plans and other drivers that may be unique to your business. After interviewing stakeholders, our security consultants perform in-depth discovery to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities. We also utilize our experience reviewing and incorporating results from any recent vulnerability analyses of your environment to provide heuristic data in our reporting. Our team will develop a prioritized roadmap focused on maximizing Return On Security Investment (ROSI) while increasing overall security of your business environments.


Network Assessment Phases