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Make a smart acquisition - complete a security assessment in advance of negotiations.

"AsTech has helped our company assess the cyber risk of potential acquisitions on three occasions"

Guy Henshaw


Evolution HCM

M&A Due Diligence Assessments

In the world of Mergers & Acquisitions, companies with security vulnerabilities can introduce very real risk to an acquiring entity. Reps and Warrantees insurance may protect you to some degree, but there's significant 'fine print' in most policies that may negate any payout if security problems exist. Protect your future with a security assessment - the results may affect the purchase price.

What is an M&A Due Diligence Assessment?

There are many intricacies to a merger or an acquisition, and Cyber Security is an increasingly prominent, complex issue that can no longer be ignored.  AsTech can assess the security of a target company's network and security infrastructure, or focus on software vulnerabilties if a such a product is the purpose of the acquisition.  A full review of that business’ security landscape can reveal critical information necessary to gauge viability—and value.

Why is AsTech’s M&A Due Diligence Assessment Different?

AsTech has provided numerous due diligence security assessments - both before and after valuations have been determined - usually under very tight time requirements.  Our experienced teams understand how to perform assessments quickly and deliver findings with cost estimates for remediation of critical security issues. Our consulting staff knows what to look for and will provide your business with a clear picture of the security risks of the target company.

AsTech offers tiers of service corresponding to depth of coverage and timeframes.  We will give you all the ammunition you need to achieve the maximum value of your investment.


M&A Due Diligence Assessment