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We apply our experience and expertise in recommending effective security improvements.

“We feel Eubel Brady and Suttman Asset Management got more than we expected, not only in in the penetration testing we contracted for but also in AsTech’s open sharing of their expertise.”

Kirby C. Leeper

Former Chief Information Officer

EBS Asset Management

Infrastructure Security Enhancements

Every business needs to continuously evolve their security infrastructure hardware or software. Whether it’s upgrading to a newer version or choosing a new product entirely, doing this type of project can take resources that your business may not have. AsTech can help you navigate the process of upgrading your security infrastructure from selecting a vendor through post implementation support.

What are Infrastructure Security Enhancements?

Infrastructure Security hardware and software are just like other IT systems, from time to time they either need to be upgraded or replaced. Making replacement decisions or finding the necessary resources to upgrade can be a challenge. The security experts at AsTech can provide the knowledge and skills to assist each step of the way - decision making, planning and implementation.

Why is AsTech’s Infrastructure Security Enhancement Service Different?

AsTech consultants have experience delivering these types of projects in government and private industry.   In our 20 years we have worked with many systems for recurring clients as they - and the threat environment - have evolved.  AsTech will work with your team, to whatever extent desired, to review all the options for replacement or upgrade, plan the entire process out, provide technical and business expertise, train your staff, and provide a clean turnover for ongoing maintenance. 


Infrastructure Security Enhancements

AsTech's Infrastructure Security Enhancement service is customized, tailored to the needs and budget of your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.