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Helping you achieve the greatest Return On Security Investment.

“AsTech provides us with peace of mind to sleep at night, knowing that our network is protected to the fullest extent of our resources.”

Jennifer L. Cohen

Director of Operations


Infrastructure Protection

Security infrastructure as a whole needs continuous updating and optimization. Firewall rules need periodic review for currency, IDS/IPS signatures should be validated on a regular basis. With the myriad of security tools and services available, how do you converge on the right ones for your environment? AsTech will help you move in the right direction with an Infrastructure Protection review.

What is Infrastructure Protection?

Infrastructure protection devices and services are part of the IT foundation, designed to provide a primary level of protection for your environment. Firewalls, IDS/IPS, routers, switches, SIEMs (Security Incident and Event Monitoring), and other elements can all be part of an infrastructure protection program . AsTech can help review what you currently have in place, help you pick the right product or service, assist with an upgrade, or deliver the entire installation—end-to end. No matter how much assistance you need, AsTech can help.

Why is AsTech’s Infrastructure Protection Different?

AsTech has the great benefit of security engineers and consultants with years of experience on a multitude of products. While we do resell a small number of our favorite vendors, we evaluate the complete picture of every unique environment before making any recommendations. Our objective is always to assist in making decisions that make the most sense for the infrastructure, always bearing in mind cost and ease of maintenance. We can do something as basic as a firewall rule review, ensuring that there are no old or conflicting rules in play, or as complex as a total Identity Access Management (IAM) implementation. Our highly specialized staff can offer sound, thoughtful guidance to insure that in the end, your security infrastructure is protected and your staff is prepared and trained to handle ongoing maintenance.


Infrastructure Protection

AsTech’s Infrastructure protection service is customizable to suit your project size and budget. Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you to provide an unsurpassed level of service.