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Crafting policies that meet and evolve with business requirements.

“The work that AsTech does allows ITAC member companies to have confidence that sensitive personal information is secure.”

Anne Wallace

Former President

Identity Theft Assistance Center

Information Security Policies

Information Security Policies form the basis for a common level of understanding within an organization regarding its security posture. Whether it’s Acceptable Use, Incident Management, BCP, Identity Access Management, Change Management, or others, it is critical that policies are well documented and continuously maintained. AsTech can help create meaningful and thorough information security policies that establish and communicate clear and concise standards.

What are Information Security Policies?

Information security policies are the foundational documentation of a company’s security posture. They lay out in clear language what is required by the business from a technology and behavioral perspective. Effective security policies should accurately document how the business is secured. Information Security Policies require executive management approval, as they are a reflection of the corporate culture.

Why is AsTech’s Information Security Policy Development Different?

AsTech consultants have varied backgrounds in both public and private sectors. We have created information security policies, maintained them, and know what should be included within them. We’ll work with your team, to whatever extent desired, to create a concise and accurate set of policies and provide a clean turnover to your staff with a focus on ease of continued maintenance. 


Information Security Policies

An Information Security Policy development effort is a somewhat customized service, tailored to the needs and budget of your business.