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AsTech stands with you 24x7 with security expertise to handle any event.

“AsTech’s team are some of the most experienced and dedicated software security professionals I’ve ever come across. They are adept at quickly understanding the needs of the enterprise and producing results.”

Jeremiah Grossman

Chief of Security Strategy - SentinelOne

Founder - WhiteHat Security

Incident Response Assistance

What will you do in the middle of the night if you have a security incident? AsTech can help. We will provide you with qualified security experts able to identify, triage, and mitigate any type of security incident.

What is Incident Response Assistance?

Security Incidents will happen. The question one should ask: is it worth having an on-call team or a call rotation amongst your staff to address them? Are they well-versed in all the security technology and potential incidents that might occur? If the answer to either of these is "no" or "it’s not feasible", then AsTech can be the go-to team in your incident response plan.

Why is AsTech’s Incident Response Assistance Different?

AsTech’s staff of security analysts has an average of 10 or more years in the security industry with a variety of backgrounds and certifications. We are 100% USA-based, creating none of the concerns that arise when support services are relegated to an off-shore team. AsTech can match the needs of your business to the skills of a dedicated consultant who is available when and if the need should arise.


Incident Response Assistance

Incident Response Assistance is a wholly customized service, tailored to the needs and budget of your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.