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Comprehensive security discovery - combining penetration testing and source code analysis.

“AsTech knows application security. They bring a deep knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.”

John Jack

Former Chief Executive Officer

Fortify Software

Hybrid Assessment

Penetration Testing and Source Code Analysis - two effective ways to uncover security vulnerabilities. How can you get the best of both worlds? For the greatest Return On Security Investment (ROSI) AsTech recommends a hybrid assessment where penetration test findings drive the source code analysis as part of a unified, collaborative effort that delivers clear results in terms of actual risk.

What is a Hybrid Assessment?

A hybrid assessment consists of performing a penetration test in combination with a source code assessment, providing the most comprehensive set of vulnerability findings and giving a much more accurate picture of the true risk of exploitability. A Hybrid assessment can focus on confirming the vulnerabilities found in a penetration test within the source code and verifying whether service layer controls are effective. Another value of a hybrid vulnerability assessment approach is that more false positive results are identified as part of the process, rather than after the fact, saving time and money.

Why is AsTech’s Hybrid Security Testing Different?

AsTech’s security experts perform both external penetration testing using Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and source code analysis using Static Application Security Testing (SAST). Penetration testing provides the significant perspective gained from an attacker’s point of view, and drives part of the source code analysis, verifying the initial findings in the actual lines of code.  

Likewise, findings from the source code analysis are checked to verify if they are exploitable from an external perspective.  This combination of source code review and penetration testing services offers the most well-rounded view of an application’s security posture.


Hybrid Assessment Services

The Network Application Penetration test can be combined with any level of Application Security assessment to provide a customized Hybrid Assessment tailored to your specific business needs.