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Assess your risk and obtain the appropriate amount of cyber security insurance.

“AsTech knows application security. They bring a deep knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.”

John Jack

Former Chief Executive Officer

Fortify Software

Cyber Security Insurance Assessments

Cyber security Insurance is exploding. As a business, do you know how much insurance you need? If you are an insurer, how large a policy should you underwrite for a business? The answers to these questions depend on exposure to risk. Let AsTech's cyber security insurance assessment will help.

What is Cyber Insurance Assessments?

A Cyber Insurance Assessment determines the level of risk and exposure that the security landscape presents  AsTech provides an independent assessment service which will review all aspects of a company’s security posture, including the overall architecture, data exposure, encryption, IAM, policy, employee awareness, and other relevant attributes. Upon completion of the assessment, the business will have a clear picture of the risk that their security infrastructure presents.

Why is AsTech’s Cyber Insurance Assessment Different?

AsTech understands what information is key to full disclosure. Our consulting staff knows what to look for, who to talk to, what information to review and will provide your business with a clear picture of your overall risk. Your dedicated representative will be the sole point of contact, engaging you each step of the way and providing a full and comprehensive picture of the security landscape. We will provide a full report, detailing all the information we find – positive and negative. AsTech will give you all the ammunition you need to determine what level of cyber insurance policy you should consider.


Cyber Insurance Assessment

A Cyber Insurance Assessment is a wholly customized service, tailored to the needs and budget of your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.