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More Adventures in Pentesting

 Jul 17, 2017 6:22:00 PM |    Phillip Seay

I was recently given three iOS applications on which to conduct penetration tests.

I took the applications’ .ipa files and attempted to install them onto my jailbroken iPhone using iFunBox. One installed successfully while the other two failed with the cryptic, not-so-funbox error of:

Err: package installation failed (-402620395)

This seems to be a known problem, but googling for the error message verbatim got me nothing but snarky anti-Apple comments on message boards and a whole lot of never-responded-to posts from others who had run into the same problem.

For the benefit of others who may encounter the same issue, this is what the problem turned out to be:

iFunBox will not install apps onto a jailbroken device unless the following two applications are installed on the device:

  • AppSync Unified
  • AFC2 (“Apple File Conduit 2” — if your device is iOS 8 or above) OR afc2add (if your device is pre-iOS 8)

AFC2 and afc2add are straightforward enough to find and install — just run Cydia and do a search for them.

AppSync is a little more involved. It’s not available from Cydia’s preconfigured sources so you’ll need to add a new source to get it. You can do that by clicking on Sources → Edit → Add. Add http://cydia.angelxwind.net/ and allow Cydia to refresh.

Within Cydia, search for AppSync Unified. Click Modify, Install, Confirm to download and install. Respring when done.

Restart iFunBox and try to install the .ipas. If it still fails at this point, heaven help you — you’re on your own.

Topics: Application Development

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