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Jason White

Jason White

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Plain HTTP, Postcards and HTTPS - Part 3

What Does HTTPS Get Me Then?

Plain HTTP, Postcards and HTTPS - Part 2

Encryption 101

Plain HTTP, Postcards and HTTPS - Part 1

Recent Training Feedback

The Application Security Serenity Prayer

Control What you Can Even though I often struggle with keeping it myself, I often counsel my kids to worry about ...

The P Word

Honesty is the best policy Let me just be honest. I don’t necessarily have a good answer for the persistent annoyances ...

Keystone Habits

The A Word I’m going to take a small diversion from my originally planned post in the series of posts about what you ...

The Unintended Consequences of Alexa

In InfoSec (some just call it ‘Cyber’), we deal with and talk a lot about unintended consequences. There is a general ...

The 80/20 Problem and Solution

The 80/20 Problem I wrote a short blog on my personal site about this recently. The extra short intro is that 80% of ...

A Blog of the Past - If You Fail to Plan

Week three of National Cyber Awareness Month is all about recognizing and combating cybercrime. Today we bring back ...

If You Fail to Plan

If Only I Knew How A developer friend of mine (and his wife especially) wondered how I landed this magical job where I ...

Blue Team Training - An Introduction

A stereotype of those of us that work in the tech industry has been (or still is, all too often) of some guy in a ...

The Proverbial Ounce of Prevention

Hello, AppSec World Being AsTech’s most recent hire, maybe I should take a moment to introduce myself. I come to the ...

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