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Understand how your security posture maps to existing frameworks relevant to your business.

“The work that AsTech does allows ITAC member companies to have confidence that sensitive personal information is secure.”

Anne Wallace

Former President

Identity Theft Assistance Center

Best Practices Assessment

Do your security best practices and architecture really protect your most vital assets? AsTech has over 20 years of experience assessing security best practices and recommending enhancements of our clients’ networks, application deployment environments and overall IT architectures. Our senior security architects average more than 10 years of security architecture and engineering experience for Fortune 100 companies and government entities. A best practices assessment will allow your business to understand your current security posture and provide a clear, actionable roadmap for the future.

Why is AsTech’s Best Practices Assessment Different?

With AsTech you’ll appreciate a technical Single Point of Contact (SPOC) who will coordinate all communication between AsTech and your organization. We’ll work with your team to find the right mix of collaboration, based on the time and resource constraints your organization faces. We’ll share our hands-on knowledge throughout the process. AsTech’s security analysts will communicate proactively via regular status meetings to present and discuss our findings as they become available, so that you can address your most serious risks as they are identified. At the end of AsTech’s review, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment report for your environment. You will be presented with prioritized risk findings and our recommendations for cost-effective mitigation strategies.


Best Practices Assessment

AsTech’s Best Practices Assessment is a fully customizable engagement which may include any or all of the aspects listed below.