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Let AsTech’s experts make the most of your Qualys investment!


A strong Vulnerability Management (VM) program is one of your best lines of defense for protecting your organization. Key to the success of a VM effort is leveraging an automated scanning tool that is fast, accurate and can test any type of device you might have attached to your network. If you can find the vulnerabilities and fix them before cyber attackers do, you take away the exploits that can lead to data breaches, intellectual property theft, reputation loss and financial impact from lost business, fines and customer compensation.

That’s why over 9,000 organizations have chosen the Qualys Cloud Platform SaaS suite of Vulnerability Management and compliance tools to be the foundation of a robust vulnerability detection and remediation program. With Six Sigma levels of accuracy in detecting vulnerabilities, Qualys Cloud Platform customers have one of the best tools in the industry to automate the vulnerability assessment of their environment to prioritize and focus their teams to fixing as many of the issues as possible.

But every environment is different, and like any software tool, if it’s not configured properly, managed appropriately and leveraged to its fullest capacity, organizations won’t get the optimal return on their investment. And that’s where AsTech’s team of Qualys Cloud Platform experts can deliver maximum benefit to your organization. Guaranteed.


Want to take the defense of your Internet-facing perimeter assets to the next level? Add AsTech Vigilance to your managed services subscription, and you get a $1 million AsTech Guarantee against data breaches (Terms and Conditions apply). We’re so confident that we will fine tune your Qualys Cloud Platform subscription and get the absolute most from your investment that if a known vulnerability on an Internet-facing device is not found and reported to your team for remediation, we’ll cover any data breach related costs up to $1 million. AsTech Vigilance delivers peace of mind for your organization, while also creating tangible improvements to your security posture. Guaranteed.

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Having successfully built Vulnerability Management programs for organizations of less than 10 people to organizations with hundreds of thousands of endpoints, AsTech understands what it takes to get the greatest utilization out of Qualys Cloud Platform and leverage it to provide the most accurate picture of your environment, decrease your attack surface and to create a manageable workflow where the next vulnerability is easy to find and remediate.

AsTech Managed Qualys Cloud Platform Services customers have seen dramatic reductions in the overall attack surfaces of their environments thanks to our expertise and easy-to-execute remediation plans. Our managed services program deploys a customized plan tailored to your organization’s particular environment which includes:

  • Reconnaissance We start by looking at your environment just like an attacker would. We research your organization, look for the digital fingerprints left by your assets across the Internet, Then, we identify areas of exposure and provide a strategy for limiting the amount of information an attacker could gain and work from.
  • VM Implementation At the same time, deploy scanners and endpoint agents to begin assessing the state of your environment. This often uncovers devices and services that were previously unknown or forgotten about, but can still be used to attack your organization. Again, we provide actionable remediation steps to clean up your asset inventory and ensure your Internet-facing presence is fully known. AsTech experts will also configure your Qualys Cloud Platform implementation in the most optimal way for your environment to begin regular vulnerability scans of all assets.
  • Risk Assessment Once vulnerability scans are running and gathering data, a recurring remediation report will be provided that allows our customers to easily managed patching and remediation efforts from a prioritized standpoint. As so many data breaches stem from unmatched vulnerabilities, customers leveraging AsTech’s reports in this way have significantly reduced the risk to their environments by focusing their resources on those vulnerabilities which are potentially most damaging to their organization.
  • Proactive “Next Steps” Consulting For many organizations, once vulnerability scans are running, they are left with the question of, “What’s next?” There are many ways a solid VM program can be leveraged to achieve regulatory compliance, improve the effectiveness of other security tools and services, perform broader asset management functions and much more. Customers of AsTech’s Managed Qualys Cloud Platform Service also receive hours of expertise and advisory services from our staff to help determine the areas where the greatest ROI and increased overall security posture can be gained.

*Source: 2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities Survey


Not yet a Qualys customer? We can help you identify what the right subscription package is for your organization and optimize the initial implementation efforts to get you up and running as quickly as possible and realizing immediate benefits to your investment.

Already a Qualys customer? Our experts have years of experience with the entire suite of Qualys products, and can provide the same level of optimization and efficiency for other products such as:

  • Policy Compliance
  • Web Application Scanning
  • PCI Compliance
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Threat Protection
  • Private Cloud Platforms
  • Asset Inventory / Asset Management
  • Web Application Firewall
  • QualysGuard API / Integrations